The Growing North Cariboo Society has worked with the Northern Health Authority and Cariboo Regional District to establish the North Cariboo Healthier Communities Committee.

The intent of this project is to identify issues that are related to community health with a focus on food security, access to local, fresh healthy food and how these fit into healthy communities and sustainable community development. The project involves identifying key members of the North Cariboo community and bringing these people together for “Stakeholder Meetings” with the intent of sharing ideas and implementing projects established by the North Cariboo Partners for Healthier Communities (P4HC – NC)  Committee.

In the spring of 2016 the North Cariboo P4HC Committee initiated the “Empowering Family Health” project. The links below will provide more information on the P4HC – NC Committee and this project. To learn more about the Empowering Family Health project go to this link or email

To contact members of the committee email or phone 250-249-5329.

Information Sheet-North Cariboo P4HC

Terms of Reference-North Cariboo Healthier Communities Committee

2017 ToR – NC Healthier Communities Committee

2016 ToR – NC Healthier Communities Committee

News Releases

News Release – P4HC Resource Inventory Project Underway May 17, 2016

GNC-NC P4HC News Release – P4HC is awarded $20,000 April 5, 2016

Empowering Family Health Project

Invitation to Participate _Empowering Family Health – May 17, 2016

Opportunity for Sponsorship – Empowering Family Health May 17, 2016

Minutes of North Cariboo Partnering for Healthier Communities Committee

2017 Nov 21 MINUTES CRD P4HC

2017 Sept 19 MINUTES CRD P4HC

2017 May 23 MINUTES CRD P4HC

2017 February 28 MINUTES CRD P4HC

2017 January 9 MINUTES CRD P4HC

2016 September 13 MINUTES – NC P4HC


2016 April 5 MINUTES CRD P4HC

2016 February 29 MINUTES CRD P4HC

2016 February 10 MINUTES CRD P4HC

2016 January 11 MINUTES CRD P4HC

November 2, 2015 MINUTES CRD P4HC

September 16, 2014 MINUTES North Cariboo P4HC

August 12, 2014 MINUTES CRD P4HC

July 16, 2014 MINUTES CRD P4HC (1)

June 23, 2014 MINUTES CRD P4HC (3)

Minutes of Empowering Family Health Steering Committee

2017 May 8 MINUTES Steering Committee

2017 Mar 27 MINUTES Steering Committee

2017 Feb 6 MINUTES Steering Committee

2016 Sept. 19 MINUTES Steering Committee

2016 July 25 MINUTES Steering Committee

2016 June 27 MINUTES Steering Committee

2016 May 30 MINUTES Steering Committee

2016 May 9 MINUTES Steering Committee